400tb alredy plotted

Hello, i have 3 server with 400tb but now i havent money for pay, who want this server?

Probably best way to do this is to put it on Ebay (or similar for your country).

How much do you want?

I’m assuming it’s on a cloud with a hefty monthly bill?

When did you get the time to make that much of plots?

Hi, give me your offert!!
I haven’t a price!

Someone block this guy. He’s doing some scammy stuff.

Please don’t solicit people via private message if you have a thread in this category, keep discussion in the thread and out in the open

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What makes you assume that?

I assume that because if it wasn’t on the cloud, and he actually had the servers, what wouldn’t he have the pay for? IDK, this was like 4 months ago.