40TB cloud farm for sale / $400

I’ve burned through as much cash as I’m willing to part with without actually winning so I’d like to cut my losses and move on. Plots are stuck in the cloud due to bandwidth charges amounting to $8/plot to download them from the cloud.

Sorry to hear that.
Unfortunately not sure if selling plots makes sense. Reason is because they only work with your private key. And you know the private key.
That is the problem with this business model.
Hope this makes sense.

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Ahhh that is a bummer. There’s a topic for this, right? I wonder what we do in this situation?

I think channelling discussion of the general topic of sale of farms/plots to a dedicated thread definitely make sense, to stem the tide of random drive-by opinions that tend to take over these threads.

For anyone stopping by, the most recent and relevant thread, for info:

Best of luck @e8s with the sale.

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I think the reality here is that if you are buying “plots” or “farms” from someone, really what you are buying is the space to re-plot…


@JonBoyCrypto two things:

  1. This sale is for a ready-to-go cloud setup. Not hardware. “Space” is rented directly from the cloud vendor, and is not what is for sale here.
  2. The place for informed discussion on the sale of plots and farms is here:

Just as building plotting rigs is not everyone’s cup of tea, cloud farming is not for everyone. For some, the benefits are huge. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Be respectful of the opinions and choices of others.

Happy farming!