4tb nvme ssd enough?

I have two 2tb nvme SSDs, 4 tb in total - is it worth mining chia for me and what income should I expect?

chiacalculator.com and read the Wiki.


40 plots 3.96 TiB = $403.75 per month, correct?

I don’t know. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The calculator is a mathematical model. An educated guess by some smart people. If you put in the numbers relevant to you, then that’s the best info you’ve got.

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Ok. is it possible to win a chia using 4tb nvme ssd disk space, realistically? And how much time it might take?

Yes, over time.

Nobody will be able to tell you that, it’s a game of chance. Sometimes you’re lucky and it happens in a few days, sometimes you’re unlucky and it takes years.

And: no, there is no way to improve your chances, the only way to get a better chance is to create more plots.