5 TB drive with 45 plots and 96 GB free

How many plot was the drive suppose to store?

I thought it would have some MB or GB free after plotting, but 96 GB, is a waste of space!

The drive is formatted with NTFS. What I’m doing wrong?

Nothing. That’s how the NTFS system works. You might try a K33 plot to fit in more, playing around with moving some k32s away elsewhere.

I have now around 61 drives, which will equate to 2.356TB of wasted space.

Any ideas what to do with it? Is there some sort of space aggregating program? I suppose they could be partitioned to create partitions from the dog ends, and then these made into a storage space in windows? The only trouble is whenever I have even looked at storage spaces it broke my drives.

On this forum was a message from someone that did it with a Windows volume.

Here is the thread on using Windows to pool leftover space

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