518TB Chia farm for sell on eBay 5day auction (UK Only)

Hi there,

I decided to step away from Chia so I am selling my entire Chia farm and the harvester/plotter to someone in the UK. I can and will deliver the entire farm to your home if you live in mainland UK, Northern Ireland is excluded. Please do ask before you bid to make sure I can deliver to your home.

518TB in total, there is a breakdown of costs per item if you check the eBay listing which will only last for 5 days, winner takes all. A lot of bonuses with this one so I’m sure whoever wins it will be very happy with their purchase.

Here is the listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234203711811

I am not going to sell it in pieces just yet, I want to sell it all and move on. eBay is probably the best option to ensure I’m being paid and you’re safe with what is being delivered. Overall, I think it’s a very good opportunity to grab a 0.5PiB Chia farm.

Thanks for looking

If you have any questions, please ask. I will check this post regularly and will answer your questions. Thanks


Page missing when you click on the link

Oh really, sorry about that… the auction is not active yet, maybe that’s why… it will start in less than 4 hours. Please check then and tell me if it works. Sorry about that

It should be visible now. It’s an active auction now. Apologies for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

Dropped the starting bid price by almost £900 to £8500. I want it gone by next weekend.

Good luck

Didn’t you just win the Lian LI D8000 case on eBay with grand plans for expansion?

Unfortunately I think it extremely unlikely you’ll find someone to spend £8500 on this, although given whats there hardware wise its probably not bad value.

I’m watching just out of interest.

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Yes I did. Unfortunately my short term plans changed and right now I feel a lot stronger for another project. If I can’t get £8500, I will surely keep the farm because I spend more than that and to be honest it would be a waste to sell it for less. Even now is cheap compared to what I spent overall.

The price is fair in regards to what’s listed. Good luck on your sale!

I do like your offer but

You say: Condition: “Most of the things have been used and could have defects but they are all in good working condition.”

So you simply sell even if there are parts that are close to end lifetime or even broken (defects)

This isn’t a refurbished offer, it’s pure second hand, with risk(s) involved as buyer so your price might be actually to high, end of lifetime farm/plotter to sell …

Secondary: As a bonus I will give you all the Chia plots and the secret phrase

Uhmm who says you don’t have a copy of the secret phrase ? And can simply jump in and well be malicious …

Anyway, I wish you good luck with your auction., I do like it but price wise not.

You should know also that hardware is old 6 months after bought and if not refurbished is barely worth a fraction of the initial buy price.

Sidenote: the Lian Li case seems to be a very old model not available even anymore direct and it had some serious wear … some of the listed prices are cheaper than what you list even …

So this brings me to the conclusion that you have a lot of refurbished items in the total offer that might reach end of lifetime …

Give it a polish and a blow out, and it will then be refurbished :wink:

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Lol then I would pay $50 for the case :stuck_out_tongue: and bah I still have a fractal node case empty (brand new) to fill … but meh will happen once might be for CHIA or not

Edit: Checking deeper on the seller ebay account, seems the farm is made of all second hand products from e-bay, so listing new prices at some stuff errr …

Hi MD, you are right. It shouldn’t be listed as “Seller Refurbished” I don’t know why that happened, I filled in the best I could but this option was unavailable. Please see below:

I will try to speak with eBay to change this because you are right, it should be listed as USED. Everything has been priced as such but it should also be flagged as used… Leave it with me.

I know the timing is not perfect, it’s possible you won’t find this offer attractive but I decided to sell it on eBay because whoever buys it will benefit from buyer’s protection. If something is wrong or not as described, you can return the items for a full refund. So thank you for notifying me of this discrepancy. I will speak with eBay to see if they can change it or if it has any effect on the eBay protection policy. If it does, I might have to stop the bidding. So, thanks for telling me.

In any case, if the sell goes ahead and you decide to bid, rest assured, everything stated is correct. After payment (through eBay of course) I will deliver the farm to your house free of charge.


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The farm did not sell so I am keeping it as it is. Thanks for looking and wish you all the best!

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I’m sorry for the breakdown of your ebay listing … but well ya know … we all want to make a buck but sometimes it’s more than a buck …

As an extra note; Lian Li case is a 2013 model that back then sold at a 300-400 USD … granted you might have paid $100 for it but seriously as it will be third or fourth hand you can’t ask same price tag imo

Just for reference, if you sell something on ebay and deliver yourself, or the buyer collects it, never let the buyer pay via eBay/Paypal. Unless you get photographic proof, such as driving licence, or passport you will have no proof the buyer received the item, even then you will struggle, the buyer can very easily tell eBay they never received the item (no tracking info), and eBay WILL refund them. This is a common scam, so be careful, I know of someone who only got their money back as their shop had CCTV and they still had a copy when Ebay/Paypal refunded the money to the buyer.

Actually you get a code sent to your email and you scan that when you pickup the item. This way eBay knows you met with the seller/buyer. I used it a few times and it works great :+1:


MD, the offer was there for you to bid on it or not. If you did not find it attractive enough, that’s perfectly fine :ok_hand:

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That’s useful to know, at least they’ve taken steps to fix one scam.

Can you imagine the cost of shipping it abroad…