565 TB for 4999$/month

feel free to message me to my email, topgossen6@gmail.com

Is that $4999 per month?
If so, for what? Rental?

Yes, I basically give you access to 5 servers with total of 580tb and wifi speed of 300mpbs - 400mbps, and you pay 4999$ for rental, we can bargain the price if you want

No thanks, in the states you could just buy 565 TB of brand new hdd for apx what your asking for just 2 months payments.

565 ÷18 = 32 hdd x $300 = $9416

Seems heavily overpriced to me.
But good luck in your venture i guess.

Seriously doubt anyone here will be willing to pay that, or even 1/ 10 of that, it would still be hugely overpriced IMHO.


Well I m not really into Chia anymore so if you want we can make it 5k$ per year, because I don’t want to sell those servers neither hard drives, but I don’t want to deal with them either.

Thanks, but no thanks.
Much better offer though for anyone who may be interested.
Enjoy your dsy.


with 565TB i got about 80 chia in 1 year
for 5000$ i got instantly 140 chia

nice trolling :joy:


I’ll give you $100/mo!