5900x (x570) settings

What voltage settings are working well for CPU and ram?

So far I’ve tried undervolting the CPU and upping ram to 1.45v (3600mhz)…

But I still get crashes (frozen screen) from time to time.

What’s working well for you guys?


Set PBO Level 4 for CPU and GG if you want to overclock.

RAM Settings depends on Mhz, FLCK, CL, Subtimings, Voltage. Did you set up SOC Voltage and VDDP when you overclock RAM?

Good tutorial.
I’m not sure overclocking to that degree will help with stability problems, but I’m going to look into it.

Afaik for OC, configuring “curve-optimizer” has the biggest potential.
If noise doesnt matter at all, increasing “LoadLineCalibration” and PowerLimits can squeeze out the last percent.

My 5900X runs best with PBO active and XMP but nothing else.