60-bay DAS w/ 474TB fully plotted

I have a 60-bay DAS (Dell PowerVault MD3060e 60-Bay 6G SAS Storage Array)

If this were fully plotted with portable, poolable plots, how much do you think it could sell for?

I currently am sitting on hardware that can reliably plot 5TB a day (theoretically 8TB a day.) I’m unsure of Chia’s future but I’d be more than happy to plot & sell this for someone who has faith in it (or just a DataHoarder who’s looking for some extra storage.)

This plugs into a SAS port on a computer (this would also come with a PCI-E SAS card.)

That same setup, that JBOD with 6TB drives go for between $9500 and $12000 on ebay. And that is empty. Then just add the per plot cost and you have a number.

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I have that exact setup. Great JBOD. Not something you want in your living room. But my 1u supermicro server is louder than it.

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Oh that’s awesome to hear! The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the electricity draw… I live in an area where electricity can get really expensive (up to $0.65kw/h) so it’s no longer viable to run it :frowning:

Mine has been online for about 3 weeks. I haven’t seen the first bill yet but I’m expecting $90-$100 for it per month. Hoping for less.

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It bumped my bill up $150 one month, $200 another. That was also including 24/7 plotting though.

Mine is in my shop in the basement. It is naturally cool down there so I don’t have to worry about cooling. The fans are running slow. Hoping that means it is using less power. But we’ll see.

Would you be willing to sell the drives? if so how much for plotted vs unplotted ones?

I’d prefer to sell the drives with the DAS. If you want, unplotted drives (20x 12TB, 38x 6TB) would be $16840

Ah, I did not realize there were different sized drives in it (bigger than the 6TB shown in the picture). Your description did not say so. I guess I should have figured something was up when the overall size was 474TB.

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Consider that you’re estimating nearly 100 days to do the plotting. I think you’d have to fill it much faster for someone to be interested. I’m not exactly in the market for something that big, but I’d want to pay under 15k. 45 bays empty are under 2k, I can’t imagine the density increase demands a 5x premium.

Edit: sorry, didn’t originally see that 9.5 - 12 price was full of 6TBs. I think that’s close to aligning with my number for a bit more space.

You aren’t going to find those drives (12GB and 6GB SAS) for $2k. That is $10k in drives easy.

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are das drives viable for chia farming ?
from ur chat it looks like their should be but i read that das don’t connect to the internet , I don’t really know what they mean but i don’t expect to disk (even nas) to direct connect to the internet .
any way das drive will work ?

The drives are just ‘normal’ drives. The enclosure is of DAS type, meaning Direct Attached Storage.
As opposed to NAS enclosures where storage is available on a computer by means of a Network connection.
DAS can be USB, SAS, fiber, … based.
Any standard external USB drive is DAS storage;-)

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One more thing just to get a feel about my intuychya whould u consider getting 30 (pycical size is acceptable for me)

With returns accepted

90 day guarantee! WP is not a manufacturer, guess they buy up stock of new/used HDD’s from anyone wanting to sell. Renewed… hard to imagine what renewing a HDD means. I think it means re-labelled;-) So no I would not buy them. But very personal, so up to anyone.


You’re asking around 10.000 USD too much