600 plots generating 0.0035 XCH per day on poolchia. com?

600 plots generating 0.0035 XCH per day on poolchia.com

According to the Chia blockchain app, if I was plotting solo, average time for getting a reward, ie 2 XCH, would be about 4 months. This equates to 0.017 XCH per day. IE: 5 times more!

So why are my pool gains so low?

Also, why does the website indicate only 14 TB of plots (about 130 plots)?

I tried some pools.
Per 500 plots (do your calculation), I was getting per 24 hours roughly 0.011*** on Flexpool and 0.012*** on Space Pool.

For 600 plots, you should get more than 0.003**. If you are still plottting, copying plot files between disks hurt mining health. Until you stop everything and leave it to mining, it’s hard to get a correct estimation.

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Seems like something is wrong with your setup then, stales or rejected partials maybe, lookup times too long. Hard to tell with little information.

Have you checked your log for any errors?

I think best contact the pool support to figure out what is going wrong

I’m on poolchia also and my payouts per day/week add up. If I had to guess, something is wrong with your setup and it isn’t submitting the partials it should. That would also explain why your Plot Size is off. Start digging in your logs and figure out what is going on.

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A “razi pi” will manage plots, but:
A better machine (an i3 8gen onwards, for example…) does make a difference in partial submission health.

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If your using the old harvester/farmer :slight_smile:

I assume others will release their own farmers, too many pi users out there plus it’s the best way to reduce farm power usage.

Did you try findchia?

And what did you find? It would be nice to see what you found in your logs that explains the shortage.

Well guess what, 130*5 = ?
If your farm is only seeing one fifth of the plots, no wonder you get one fifth of the reward…