61 chia for russian rubals

Looking to buy russian rubal with xch. Never seen them so i would like 2 , or more . Not sure how can we secure the deal but im open to suggestions

Hows that going to work?
Youll send xch then think theyll honour it and send the rubles by post?

I dont mind sharing accounts

How would you physically get the rubels?

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I 2 dont get it yet20

Maybe think things through before starting a thread!

If it were a small amount, like 1 or 2 Chia and you were dealing with a trusted forum member, the risk would be low enough. We used to trade privacy coins in the forums to keep them off the exchanges (and KYC free). 61 Chia is a little harder to unload though - all the smart contracts and clawbacks in the world wouldn’t convince me it’s a good idea in this environment. But still, maybe you will get a bite? Who knows?

Russian Ruble equals 0.016 United States Dollar

So you want to by 3.2 cents worth of rubles or more perhaps :sweat_smile:

Maybe get a XCHs worth >

31.84 US Dollars = 1,990.2199 Russian Rubles


that must be the most moronic post ever to be hitting this forum