64TB Farm random USB drives for sale USA California currently earning (post deleted?)

I had a post up and a couple of replies on it about selling my 64TB farm, but for some reason the website was down yesterday when I went to reply, and I came back today to see the post deleted?

Anyway the offer still stands. $450 for the whole lot. $700 to include two 2TB brand new condition Samsung and Sandisk SATA SSD’s.

If someone can explain why the original post was deleted I would be most appreciative.

I think the site got crashed and was restored from backup or some such thing. Happens.

Yep, sorry, had to restore from a backup that didn’t include your original thread

How many drives make up the 64tb?

I believe it’s 21. mix of drives from 2tb to 8tb. total draw is about 60=70 watts last time I checked. mix of standard usb drives and shucked drives in USB docks. I also have two spare 2 bay thunderbolt 2 Gtech enclosures I’ll include at no charge. I’m just trying to clean out the office and i need to use the laptop that’s farming now, so it’s easier to just sell off the farm and key and start plotting and farming again as I have time. Also my wife wants it gone. She does not like the constant sound of everything running. I’m including the key so whoever gets it can farm it while replotting. It’s been a nicely successful setup that has won blocks more than the estimated amount.

Note I’m including the usb docks, hubs, cables and everything.

Stuff happens, and I’m glade you were able to get everybody back online.

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