64TB Farm random USB drives for sale USA California (UPDATE WITH DETAILS)

Hey all, I’m just re-posting this with more detail, I’m in no hurry since it costs me almost nothing to run but as soon as someone wants it, it’s up for sale. I need to reclaim the laptop that’s running the farm and that’s worth more to me than keeping it farming.

So to get the details correct:

This is 21 drives, from 2TB to 8TB, they are random but very lightly used (I am a photographer and they accumulated as general backup over time, which I consolidated recently into a bigger single case JOBD array).

I will sell all with the key (so you can farm immediately while re-plotting), including two additional ‘brand new’ 2TB SSDs (1 Samsung 870evo and 1 Sandisk Ultra 3D) for $700 flat plus shipping.

Price includes four USB docks, USB hub, all cables etc. Four of the drives will be bare 3.5" 4TB with no dock or SATA cables ( I need the enclosure still).

Whole farm uses…less than 2 watts per TB.