761+ Plots running for 3 months and ZERO XCH

I have been running the farm for last 3+ months with 761 plots on 75 TB and I am yet to make my first XCH. I am not in pool and plotted these in older version.

Is this normal?
What solutions you recommend?

I have over 500 tb and no win for 60 days, I gave in and moved to a pool, and yes, it is normal.


Thanks, is it true that all those plots are useless. Now I need to plot again :slight_smile: What a waste of time and energy it has been.

All plots are good, you can earn XCH on either type while soloing. Only if you choose to pool do you need to replot to NFT style. There is no benefit to replotting if you stay solo and will always stay solo.

BTW patience pays off eventually, you only need to wait. Good things come to those who do, but many find waiting to be excruciatingly painful and choose to pool.

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Ok, I will trust you and wait. Will plot new ones in NFT.

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Hello, I have been making plots since May of this year and copying them to my main machine with no XCH… keeping chugging…

Well hpool is still out there if you want to pool with the older plots.
I have 370 Tb and had 3 months between my first block and my second block. But I have been pooling so doesn’t matter much.

I plotted nearly 500 plots OG, before OP plots came out and I have replotted to 1800 OP plots. Started in May, and went from there. Still gradually plotting more.

I have only hit one block on Chia and I was pooling so got my 0.25XCH and the pool got the rest. But my plots have earned me about 35 Flax, so you can and will hit blocks. It’s worth considering the sheer size of the chia storage. Your lottery tickets are valid, but there are a lot of numbers.

I also wonder whether there could have been a way to make this storage useful for something other than proving you farm it? Most people seem to disagree though.


Like storing real world data, but thats another project :wink:

Yes, look for sia/storj/filecoin/swarm but these are still in infancy.

I was referring to safe network by maidsafes long awaited release.

So many treasures to be had there once its completed.


I hadn’t heard of this one before, looking into it now. Looks very cool. I like how the developer docs mention the “old internet” lol. They are talking about this one, the one we are on now on this forum. If this concept takes off, whether by Safe Network or somebody else, it is game over for the “old internet.” It also totally changes the power of the big cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Azure, etc) and in fact they will probably end up pointing their power at the “new internet,” whatever that means at that point. Then we stop paying Amazon/Google/Microsoft for cloud services and start paying “the network” in crypto-currency that we can also mine by hosting those same cloud services from our garage!

This is one of the reason I’m loving getting into Chia - I truly believe the future is decentralization, for all the same reasons that Safe mentions on their site. Unlike BTC/ETH, Chia really requires you to learn all of the moving parts of what turns out to be a functional mini-datacenter. Once Safe is launched, all those skills you’ve learned and all that equipment you’ve purchased might be even more profitable running the “new internet!” :slight_smile:


It just has so much tech in it as well, AT2, DBC’s. These 2 combined allow for of offline payments and that will be possible for any current crypto but on their network.
( so sending true btc or eth with hopefully 0 fees, but possibly tiny fees if needed to stop spam, but we’re hoping not to need them).

Best of all its not blockchain, so completely anon with near instant transactions and no blockchain bloat or pesky database that keeps growing and needs syncing.

It’s an honour to know so many of those guys n gals over the years, a really nice knowledgeable community has been built.

The devs are always vocal and engaged, the community decides often what direction things should take, or at the least has alot of input.

It really is a gem.
And were getting close, testnets have been out, were waiting on the next, not fully fledged tests, but enough to show core functionality works.


Thanks for posting it! I’ve been dreaming of a “full stack” concept like this for awhile and now I have lots of reading to do! Maybe you’ll see me over on that forum soon!

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You’ll spot me easily, same user name, if you delve in, I’m sure you’ll learn to like it more and more.

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I think hpool OG is the only choice. then reploting to new plot disk by disk.

Storj is in full enterprise production and gives about 3x the return per TB than chia.
That said, it is difficult to get past a few TB on storj where chia you can have as many as you like