8TB just gone!?

Hi to everyone;

I don’t know if I’m in the right category section to ask this question, but I had a problem last week with a full 8TB of plots, I found my GUI closed, ( I thought windows updated, but not) and as soon as I run it again, the hard disk was empty except 2 plots, the rest was gone, I tried recovery tools, and nothing, they are not showing, looks like it was a disk format except those 2 plots.

Hard drive tests it’s OK, nothing wrong, nothing weird.

Has anyone had the same experience? I was running 1.2.6 version? there’s a reason for this? should I keep the SSD drive or just sell it? right now I’m not storing any more plots just in case, I’m afraid to lose again 8TB full of plots!

any feedback is highly appreciated!

thank you!

They are not gone, but…
This happened to me when I used Robocopy. Then never used it again. Robocopy copies all-levels of hidden system files and applies their hidden attributes to the plots files.
I used this (attrib -h directory -s -r) to make the hidden plots visibles. For some reason they went back invibible after a moment.

If they above syntax does not work, use this:

attrib -s -h -r /s /d “DriveLetter”:/folder

If its a robocooy issue this will stop it in future.

It’s true that I used robocopy, but just as a test, since the transfer was horrible,

I tried to follow your instructions

C:\Users\User>attrib -s -h -r /s /d D:*.*
Access denied - D:\System Volume Information

looks like is going to be difficult to solve the issue without rebooting the server.

thank you¡

thank you!

I was able to follow the guide, but after doing this attrib -s -h D:*.* nothing changed to my hdd, I still can’t see all the “hidden” plots, if they are still there, but I have used robocopy to another hdd’s and I didn’t have any problem, I didn’t use robocopy for transfer 8Tb this is the weird thing…

thank you!

Yes, this is why I said " if it’s a robocopy issue" as i had my doubts…

From my exp robocopy hid the files instantly , and I had no issues with plots vanishing.

in my case, I was able to use all those files, until I started the GUI and it was marking 71 plots less than 5 minutes before, I’m using all the commands or combinations as possible using attrib but nothing is showing up, only recycle folder and system volumen information, and I have 8TB free of space…

Does the drive still show as nearly full in windows explorer? At least then you will know if they’re there or not.

empty, 8TB available, everything was gone