90 instead of 91 plots on 10TB external hard drive

I was well on my way to plotting the 91st plot on my 10TB drive. Then, it froze. The log indicated there was not enough space to complete the transfer from the SSD. I forget the exact numbers, but it seemed at the time there was plenty. This is a new drive with nothing else on it but chia plots.

Any help would be appreciated.


Have a look at drive properties and see how much space is empty.

Have you disabled the rubbish bin on that drive?

It says there are 90 plots, with 191 GB free/9.09TB.

Not sure how to disable a rubbish bin. Don’t even see it. Can you point me in the right direction?

Right click on the bin on desktop , you’ll see settings there.

I’m not sure if that helps, but I’ve seen others mention it.

There’s definitely soace there so it’s odd, still 1 plot ain’t to bad of a problem.

Good luck

I see what you mean. I found that I gain 0 bytes by optimizing. haha. You are right, one plot is not really a problem. Thanks for idea.

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Just a thought, but maybe try emptying the recycle bin.

Emptying the recycle bin does not always empty it, in that it may appear empty but actually takes up space.

I have two 16TB drives, one drive had a different amount of free space and one less plot than the other. When I used Treesize Free by Jam Software, it showed the recycle bin size at around 20GB, a simple right click and delete freed up the space.

Update: I was able to easily transfer a completed plot on another drive onto this one. Now shows 91 plots, with only 89.7GB free. I have no idea why I was originally unable to complete this last plot, but no matter. Problem solved.

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