926 TB Chia Farm Sale - $6000 ($6.48/TB)

Selling 926 TB Chia Farm that consists of the below hard drives. All but 4 of the drives started as USB External drives. The model number indicated was the drive that was inside the enclosure prior to shucking. I shucked 34 of them to connect to LSI 9201-16E HBA cards. So you would be purchasing 44 SATA drives still in their enclosure (36 are 3.5" and the 8 5TB drives are 2.5") and 38 Sata drives. I will also include the 3 LSI 9201-16E HBA cards and cables and the 3 650W power supplies I was using to power those drives at no additional cost. I can provide specifics on all of the drives to the purchaser prior to purchase. All but the 4 Seagate drives were purchased in the last 14 months and I do have proof of purchase for everything. These were mainly purchased from Best Buy or Western Digital directly. Most of the drive models were the same inside the enclosure regardless of where I bought them.

I’m offering this as an all or nothing sale at a great discount as I am moving on from Chia if I am able to sell everything. If not then I guess I will keep it going as I do not want to piece this out. I initially sold a couple hundred TB that way and I have no desire to ship to multiple people any longer.

I will ship at your expense to anywhere in the U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Or if you happen to be near Sioux Falls, SD we can arrange a pickup.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.


Well that was quicker than I expected. I have accepted an offer on the entire farm. Should it not go through I will post back here.


Your price was legit - thanks for not wasting the community’s time. So often people roll in here asking MSRP and wondering why it’s crickets.

Good luck to wherever you are moving!


Thanks man. Also, I believe your website post on getting the LSI card working in Linux is the one I followed when I was first starting out. Very good stuff. Appreciate it.


I agree good price. I might have made the 12 hour drive each way for that price…

I would be interested in purchasing the whole thing if you buyer backs out.


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Nice!! Hopefully you put that smart money to work by buying 200 XCH with your proceeds! :smile: