970 pro 1tb vs 980 pro 2tb?

Hello Guys,

I want to ask this; I have MSI GE75 8 SF laptop and I want to buy an SSD to plot:

12 thread CPU; 32 GB RAM and PCIe 3.0. so technically I need 2 TB to plot in 6 parallels.

The alternatives are 2x 970 pro or 1x 980 pro.

970 pro better endurance but no 2 TB option.

980 pro 2 TB option.

What I want to ask is which one is better and can I still do 6 parallels if I get 2 separate 970 PROs. Or can I only use one HDD while plotting at 1 PC?

Thank you.

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You can use as many ssd as you want for plotting.

The 970 pro is expensive, but one of the best options for fast plotting. ( Poor endurance, TBW, though, at least on paper)

From my experience i would advise to go with 2x 1TB if you have the space and budget.

I mean i can use 6 parallel plots with 2tb 980 pro but can i use 3+3 parallel plotting with 2x 970 pro? I am really a newbie sorry if this is simple question

Yes for each que of plots you can set a different temp drive and destination folder.
Just have to make a separate que for each drive. How exactly to set it up depends on what you use to activate the plotter.

Alternatively you could opt to run 2x 1TB in RAID0 to get one disk with higher speed.

If i do raid 0 can i use 2 TB again or i can use 1 TB with higher speed?

2TB you can use.

The speed of 2x 1TB in RAID0 is usually better than 1 x 2TB

What if I dont do RAID? I mean I can plot 6 parallels in theory with 2 TB SSD right?

Yes either option will give you 2TB of plotting space that can run 6 plots in parallel.

I just think going for the 2x 1TB option will get better results, how much…? hard to say

So I just need to create 2 queues 3+3 to same the same HDD as destination and it works right? These disks are so expensive in my country so i want to be sure about it :slight_smile:

Yes no problem.

You might want to check around though to see if you can find some result of someone plotting 6 plots on a 2TB 980 pro, also a good drive. And as you say, the price difference is quite big.