A debate on Twitter made me write a thing about Web 3.0

Recently there was a bit of a “clash” between traditional IT and cryptocurrency over a Chris Dixon thread about Web3. I wrote a bit of a response to that here:

Let me know what your thoughts are, if you think a16z’s redefinition of what Web1 and Web2 were to support their vision of Web3 is correct, or if you think Web3 might be something else entirely (as I do).

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I’ve just woke, and only read the first little bit, but already my opinions greatly differ.

To me Web 1 was military communications.
Web 2 was what we now have.
Web 3 will to me will be decentralised, encrypted, anonymous, you think blockchain based, I think not, have you ever looked at the Safe Network being created by maidsafe? To me that is Web 3.0, blockchains are old now, slow, clunky and suffer blockchain bloat.
An entire new protocol designed to let you own your data, with privacy and security being the main aims.

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But that requires re-writing a bit history because Web1 and Web2 have accepted definitions. Although what you’re talking about is a LOT closer to the accepted definitions than what Chris Dixon tweeted.

I would argue right now we have a combination of Web2/Web3 with AI acceleration in a lot of facets already. But that’s the beauty of this, its not set in stone yet. Hence the debate.

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