A liitle help for a newbie... Please

Hello all
I’m start plotting some files at my work pc cause i’m with that machine 24h/day turned on.
All working rigth now with the app with GUI (chia blockchain 1.1.5 setup) …
Next at home and after copy my keys (mnemonics, etc, etc) i start plotting some files to with chia blockchain to
At work i’m with 4 plots and at home with 2.
At work i’m farming already but at home on the farm i dont see the 2 plots be farmed. Only the option to add another plot. Whats wrong?
If i copy the keys form one pc to another why at home i dont see all the 4 plots i do already at work?
Also, the plots at work are at external HDD WD_BLACK. I can bring that USB WD_BLACK to home and add the 4 plots to the setup i’m running at home?
I’m thinking wright or i’m wrong?
Where i can read about all these question? Any doc or link ?
I know i’m newbie sorry… But …
Heeeeelllpppp me pleaseeeee…
Thanks in advance

The software can only see plots that it has direct access to. So your farmer at work sees the ones it has access to and your software at home sees the ones at home.

On your home system. If you are not seeing the plots it created, try to add the directory to the plots page. Click the three dots to the right of the “Add A PLOT” button and add the directory. They should show up.

As for moving the plots from work to home, yes, you can do that easily if you are using the same wallet. Just carry it home and copy them over. Or just plug the drive in and add that directory as mentioned above.

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