A sense of the sentimental and the shocking combined

I have begun migrating my farmer to a new server. So I setup a new full node on the new server and began copying plots over. This is how it looked after a few minutes:

55 years! Pretty crazy… :slight_smile: but feels like I’ve just started all over again.
Just 1495 plots to copy.

I am only copying around 48TB this way, the rest will be just moving drives. I have 48TB of plots on a system with RAID moving to a system with IT mode JBOD.

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Sweet! But it would look so much nicer in (Australian style) Dark Mode :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Just a question, at what plot point did you start getting any block or coins? I currently have 977 and still nothing :frowning:

I have linearly plotted from 0 to 1500 plots from about June 10th or so until now.

I hit a block about 4 weeks ago. I’ve been pooling since official polls came out, I’ve got 2.04 chia and about 20 flax.

You asked me this before, but it got lost in the convo so I never answered.
Some ppl hit a block with under 100 plots, I joined late, but hit a block with apx 250 plots iirc, certainly under 500.

There is literally no good answer to how many plots = block reward.

Try madmax, you won’t regret it, good luck.

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This is why I got in early ish.
If you keep building with the network as it grows, your earning ( hopefully ).
Any newcomers will see to get to our levels they need to spend ( those amounts will only get larger ( except for gains on storage costs , moore"s law n all that)) if you re-invest gains in hardware, your growing organically .

To me that is a sound ambition, the entry cost will only increase to get a worthwhile share of the network.

All I can do is keep chugging