About these asus hyper m.2 x16 card v2

So how do these drives work? I can’t find much about them online, but if I understand this right, they will only work full speed if used in conjunction with a threadripper and some specific asus motherboard?

I’m asking since I’m only running an Gigabyte X570 AORUS Pro 1.2, and this word ‘pci burification’ is not something I can find in the manual. But I ordered them anyway, as they were the last two in stock.

Would these units actually do some magic? Or am I rugged by Asus lol.

See [Motherboard] Compatibility of PCIE bifurcation between Hyper M.2 series Cards and Add-On Graphic Cards | Official Support | ASUS USA

It’s very very complete and clear.

Your BIOS needs to support PCI bifurcation.

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I disagree, it is not very very clear. I checked the manual, looked it up, and came to the conclusion it is not clear whether or not this is going to work. That’s why I made this thread. In fact, the manual itself says, in certain configuration 2 SSD’s work, and in other configurations even 1 SSD work. No mention of gigabyte motherboards. Is anyone speaking from experience?

Like I said, your bios needs to support PCI bifurcation.

You motherboard supports bifurcation and pcie-4.

To take full advantage of the asus card, you need to get the pcie-4 version of the card and make sure you put that in the x16 pcie slot if you want all 4 nvme inside to get recognized.

The motherboard only has one x16 slot so as long as you don’t already have a graphics card in it you are good. It is a very easy setup.

Follow this tutorial for a very thorough setup: ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Card V2 PCIe 3.0 Comparison Tutorial Install - YouTube