Access to all created addresses

At first I had the address xch13… and I withdrew chia from it. Then this address was (automatically) renamed and became xch10…, but for a certain period of time, payments from the pool went to the address xch13… How can I now find access to these payments on xch13…, although the current address is xch10… ?

That is your receive address and auto changes whenever you spend from it.
Funds in both are still spendable as you still have the pvt keys for both.
If you want to track arrivals to the old adress they should still show as incoming transactions to it, if you want to check balances on different addresses use a block explorer.
Such as

Thanks, I’m already using xchscan and track the old address, but how do I access this old address now? I have a mnemonic from him, but I don’t understand how it will help me yet.

When you look at your wallet tab, it shows the amount in your wallet, that amount can be spread over all your addresses.
To spend funds you simply send them, your wallet has all the necessary keys.
If you want to spend from a specific address you would need to use the cli, the gui does not allow you to choose.

You do only have 1 mnemonic?
Or have you created different wallets?

Only one mnemonic…And the wallet only displays the amount received after the wallet was renamed, which is strange

Its not renamed, its a brand new address, this happens for security purposes.
Your wallet holds all keys necessary to spend the funds though.
It is strange that your wallet isnt updating properly.

Your wallet should show the total balance of all addresses, and you should still see the incoming transactions to that older address under transactions on the wallet tab.

Are the incoming transactions showing?
What chia version are you running?

Incoming transactions after this situation are correctly displayed, blockchain version 1.3.4

There might just be a problem with your wallet database for some reason.

  1. close Chia
  2. goto: C:\Users\yourusername.chia\mainnet\WALLET\db\
  3. delete the files there
  4. start Chia again

The wallet will resync (this is very quick) and this should fix any problem with missing transactions.


Try what Voodoo advised, that would have been my advice also.

Ok thank you I will try