Accessing plots Via network share?

I’ve searched the forms for this idea… Some of the posts come close but there also older so I am going to ask my scenario.

I have an unraid server with all my drives on it which also runs my chia and fork’s dockers (Machinaris).

I would like to run all my dockers on a separate system, and my idea is to access all my plots via network share either using SMB or NFS. This will be sitting next to each other and connected at a full gigbit.

Worst I can see is that my seek times will increase. If after testing this I find the seek times only increase marginally What else could I find to be an issue?

I have such setup, USB disks hosted on Synology server and RPI4 farming through SMB shares. No issues with the farming…

Good to hear! I can only see a real issue if I were to flood the traffic going to the sharing server (Like copying new plots) my seek times may go up at this time. Otherwise if everything is setup right, it shouldnt be an issue.

Would you mind to share your Dockerfile and related configs? I’m interested in running a similar setup.

Hi Yamen! If you’re still thinking of using Machinaris for your fullnodes, this should work well on Linux. If you instead wish to run Machinaris fullnodes on Windows, the upcoming version later this week will support mounting remote CIFS shares (like Unraid) inside the container. This will get around the current limitation of accessing remote shares as volume mounts from Docker on Windows.

Ya, I dont think I will use anything OTHER than Machinaris. Your application is to versatile.

I will be leaving my unraid to take care of the shares and moving my farmer with all the forks to a Linux machine that will be running portainer. I will most likely just use Samba Shares unless there are speed issues. Ill also try NFS.