Actual profits vs chia calculatr way too low

anyone experience with the chia calculator?

for 160 Tib, it shows me a profit of $3.54 per day or 0.045 xch per day.

Spacepool in comparison shows 2.77$ or 0,035 xch/day.

What could be the issue? Different with other pools? How are the results with your farm?

At 407TiB the calculator predicts 0.1086 xch/ day.
My Space Pool daily payouts are on average ~0.099 xch.
So ~9% lower that predicted, but taking the 1% base fee for Space Pool into account it’s rather some 8%.
I can live with that, my farm is not 100% optimal I think, winning blocks I’m far behind the ETW.

In your case it’s more like 20%. What’s the Points Found in Last 24 Hours and the Points Succesful in Last 24 Hours on your farm (Pool Section of GUI). Should be close to 160*1000 and 100%.

Like here, compared to my 407 TiB


Do you take into account the 0.25 XCH that comes to your wallet only when you find a block?

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Good point! No I didn’t.
Forgot it, but it’s been a long time as my excuse;-)
That’s another 12.5% in favor of Space Pool then, so I’m pretty lucky with my partials I guess.


okay, so my winning amount would be 0.25/30 (roughly) would equate to 0.04311

  • some fee I think we are within some margin of error +/- 3%

I think the case is closed.