Add new HDD Ubuntu, after 100HDD installed. Config.yaml? Files BUG

Hi guys

I have a problem to setup new drives on Ubuntu. I have more than 200 drives, and the Files at Ubuntu do not show drives after 100 drives are installed.
The HDD is working but only at the “Files and Chia GUI” the drives are missing.

How I installed that: I disconnected the SAS cable(Others HDDs) and connected only the unit with I wished to mount and set at chia GUI.

Anyone can help me fix it or there is another way to show the driver information about it, and I can set it on Chia GUI?
Because if the HDD does not show at Ubuntu Files, is impossible to add it at chia GUI.
Moreover, after version 1.8 I can not locate the Config.yaml to add the HDD directly… There is another way to access this and add the HDD directly?

I am not running Chia on a Linux box, so I do not know in what directory config.yaml is located.

The below command should find it for you:

$ find / -name config.yaml -print 2>/dev/null

I noticed that you wrote “Config.yaml” rather than “config.yaml”.
Linux is case sensitive. Be sure of how you do your search, as it pertains to upper and lower characters.

My guess is that the file is named with all lower case characters.


try lsblk, if you cannot see all drives, they are not there. HBA, expanders, cables issue most likely. Some SAS drives do not like HBAs/Expanders , and refuse to start unless 3.3V power pin is disabled.

I have only 66 drives, and that is slowly romantic for OS.

config is always in ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml

use the following, have a beer, and chill :wink: Anything mounted inside the /dir/ will be automatically/recursivelly added/scanned.

  - /dir/
  recursive_plot_scan: true

Thanks guys.

I found the config.yaml.

About the more the 100 drives, I share a photo to explain better.
The HDDs are running well. But is missed at (Files) and other locations by chia GUI when you try to add new HDD.
When I click at Other locations, only shows the SSD with the system installed.
If I open the Disks, all drives are there. I installed the XFE and it shows all drives. But I can not locate it to add at the chia GUI(Add plot directory)

I believe it’s a limitation of the Ubuntu Files app.
I guess Chia GUI needs to update it to auto-locate all plot files in all HDDs.

Take the advice that @hajes29a gave, it’s so much simpler to put all the mounts in the same directory and use recursive scanning in Chia.

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also running 200 x partition is a waste of space - best utilization of space is 4-8x hdd in stripped LVM2 JBOD or RAID0.

then you have just 25-50x partitions/mount points

there may be some UI limit to hdds. imagine how much memory one needs to preview 200 hdds. if you are about to replot…create 4 or 8x hdds arrays. not only you can plot directly to those arrays, but you get extra plots because single drive rarely fits the whole drive without wasting 11-80GB


I understand the concept of using Raid 0, Is a great functionality, but is more complex to work on. Im not an expert at Ubuntu and my LSI SAS cards are all IT mode, and I think if an HDD stops I will lose a lot of plots…
Now I only buy used HDDs, I have different sizes and manufacturers.

Thanks for all the help, I appreciate that.
If there is an alternative solution for this let me know.

RAID0, LVM JBOD is easier than mounting/managing 200 HDDs :wink: Just RTFM.

Don’t bother with RAID0, one HDD in RAID0 fails and you loose data on the entire volume and you are back to repotting. Granted repotting is faster now with GPUs but still a hassle and HDDs WILL fail!

You can add all paths to your HDDs with plots directly in your ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml where the current paths are under “plot_directories:” using the same format as the existing paths which are listed 1 per line. Once config is save restart Chia, I have the Chia CLI running as a systemd service.

You can also add additional paths via Chia CLI directly (no restart required). Just:

  • Launch terminal
  • Navigate to where you installed Chia blockchain. (ex: cd ~/chia-blockchain/ if you installed it from source in your home path)
  • Activate environment: . ./activate
  • Run “chia plots show” to show current paths and “chia plots add -d [dir]” to add new ones

Raid 0 is better suited to larger farms, it makes use of wasted space, makes write speeds quicker and has some other advantages I believe, I wouldn’t use it for a small farm, or if you don’t have a fairly quick plotter to hand.

My plotter can do 60TB a day, plot distribution is automated, hardly a problem to replot, most people with a large farm will keep suitable plotting equipment.

Its far easier to use recursive scanning in Chia, all my dedicated Chia drives are mounted in one directory, and only that one directory needs listing, any inside it are scanned recursively.

<1000$ plotter spits 30-37TB/day…if I add a second GPU…60-74 TB/day. Hence, we talk about 100 HDDs…I doubt someone will plot 30 min plot right :wink: RAID0/stripped JBOD - this is the way. The usual 4x20TB RAID0 is replotted in less than 3 days.