Add Plot Directory not working?

All my 56 plots gone from GUI and now i cannot put back via Add plot directory under farm option.How to fix this?

Have you tried reinstalling the GUI? GUI is quite buggy so I would recommend you set up a linux VM (assuming you are talking about a Windows setup) and then just use the CLI…

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Yeah i am using windows becouse i never use Linux in my life.I need solution for this.Its anoying

Sometimes I find if you exit out of the GUI and then start it again, it’ll be fixed… there is sometimes lag between what’s happening and what is displayed.

You can also add plots by manually editing the config.yaml file, this does take effect immediately when you save the file in my experience.


it looks like this, make sure the spacing matches exactly

  - L:\
  - M:\
  - N:\
  - P:\
  - Y:\
  - Z:\

How to open that file and what to do?Thanks

can i rename config.yaml to config.txt to edit?

Yes but why? Edit it as a yaml file.