Add plots folder. HOW?

So the problem is i have 2 plots drives, now i want to add 3rd.

I press add plots folder, i choose it, select, i see “loading” mark and then nothing. I thought maybe it will take some time, goes and checks the plots, but i did that last night, till now nothing. Tried to add several times, no luck.

Somehow i’ve added 2nd. So is there any limit? But i’ve seen on youtube people are having a lot of plot folders in this place.

There is no limit, if the GUI method isn’t working you can always edit the chia config file.
The GUI is just an easy way to edit this file anyway.

You can find the other two plot folder locations in the config file and simply add your 3rd one below it… save the file and restart the GUI

I found file CONFIG.chia, but when opening with notepad i see there something like this “å?Æa€P[ð7@T™ ¢×f\ÉZ²^”, but not a readable text.

You’re looking for config.yaml, not config.chia

Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\.chia\mainnet\config\config.yaml
Linux: ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml

Update the plot_directories: field with each drive, one per line

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if you are creating plots to the drive it will be added automatically.

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Thank you. I found the config file. The most interesting thing is that i can see there my 3rd folder. But i see that GUI does not show it. As well GUI show much less TB, (without the 3rd drive). Button “Refresh plots” also does not help. Stuck a bit. Probably restart would help, but it’s plotting now. Do i have any other options in this case?

Are you looking for the size of the drive in your GUI?
Remember that Chia is all calculated in GiB, TiB, PiB not GB, TB, PB, etc… so 12TB = 10.9TiB

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I forgot about this. Thank you.

I know, it should add. But in GUI it wasn’t (and still) not visible :slight_smile:

ok, sounds like the GUI adding to the config file wasn’t the issue…
more likely the GUI is trying to access the folder and can’t

check permissions, if another app is holding a lock on it etc.