Added NVME drives and now plotting is slower?

Hi guys,
Any advice appreciated. We’ve been plotting since last week in Linux Ubuntu using 2 x 1TB NVME SSD in our rig, no issues. Today we received the new 2TB NVME to upgrade the rig so we replaced one of the 1TB NVME with a 2TB so we now have a 2TB & 1TB NVME now in the rig (3 TB NVME total) Since doing this the plotting has slowed to a drag even though we didn’t increase the number of plots and we expected that to speed up not slow down. And reason for this that ye might know of? Thanks Guys :pray:

Where are your temp files being written to?

We checked the read/write speed and the new Seagate Barracuda 2TB Q5 NVME we plugged in looks to be allot slower on the read/write than the Samsung EVO 970 1TB NVME we were using.

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Did you mount the drives with discard?

Generally, speaking there can be large variations between NVME plotting speeds in our experience.

QLC slower than TLC, for example.


have you found any solution for your issue?

Yes we got sorted thank u :pray: