Advanced chia farming. The way it was designed

Not for people who think they know everything about chia. And are full of mental ceilings.

This is a place to challenge the restraints of your mind and this protocol.

We discuss how to optimize a system and make it run more green|efficient than it is now.

NOT how to SIMPLIFY the situation. With a rpi.
That’s like a prius vs a Tesla.
Not even in the same

Not for the pretenders.
Let’s change the world.

Iv optimized my farm to the point of winning in 7 days.
I have 50 tb’s.
My system is probably the greenest to date. It does use a bit of power. But with a win ratio of 7 days… I’m killing it. In comparison.

€How do you think this could be done.
And why.

Before we start we need to be clear on the challanges.

So you have an X fold optimization. Could you be more precise on this point as it is still ambiguous. Does your farm:

A: pass the filter X more times than other setups of equivalent size?

B: pass the lower difficulty challanges of a pool X more times than other setups of equivalent size?

C: actually wins the 2 Chia, either for you when solo farming or for the pool when pooling X more times than other setups of equivalent size?

Combinations of A, B and C are ofc possible

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Prove wins or this is pretty pointless, I can make my UI say negative days to win, doesn’t mean anything.

If you’re confident that your technique works, why are you sticking with 50tb? If I had a technique that improved my chances of winning that dramatically I would buy many more disks and get my time to win down to hours (I also probably wouldn’t tell anyone, or even hint to anyone that I could do this, but that’s just me).

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Exactly. Prove wins = prove theory. Otherwise this reeks of delusions of grandeur.

okay lets say its all a hoax.

you still wouldn’t even try to see to optimize your system.
than your alot dummer than I might of thought.
its okay guy… non of us have any chia.
gonna be all right cause drjones is here. now shhhh shhhhhhh stop all that fussing.
tell me your secrets. and ill share some of mine.
simple. easy. fair. u want to talk shit. theres another thread for that.

I have 500 tb… the cli says over a pb. the math is crazy. there…
I pass many many filters. simultaneously. I think my records like 93 at one time. with my 500 plots…
all plots check are astoundingly fast for spinning rust and 1 gig internet. often like that…
my harvesters all have minds of thier owns. its interesting af to watch the communication…
lots of proofs swell iv personal seen 9 proofs go at once when recounting my logs… possibly more. im not 100% on how its actually happing.
im just sure on how to make it actually happen
sorry if thats confusing.

I have yet to win 2 chia. but I can tell you my plots are very close from reading my logs and running every analyzer out there on my setup
happy to shoot some commands at it and give u the responses…
just lame know what u want to seee and im happy to provide pics as long as it doesnt show my identity in any way or my farms.

I have about total 10 tb that im curently pooling. but all my numbers are way way off and im considering just pulling out… im assuming the pools dont really know what to do with me at this point… not sure what they can actually see tho.

optimizations I made are many physically. the right raid controllers. oodles of ram. upgraded my motherboard to accept the x5690s in a 11 yo machine…
I like to think that every optimization I made has gone into such a incredible number.
but ill tell ya. theres a trick. its true. its in the documentation. everyone either reads right over it. or just dont care about efficiency. my wife who knows nothing of computers pointed the nitch out to me. I read to here nightly the GitHub docs.

sorryyyyy ******60tb tottal… not 500. sticky 0000’s

If you aren’t winning blocks at a greater than expected rate then you are just fooling yourself and increasing your power consumption for no reason.

Do you understand that?

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Please explain how I’m using more power?

I’m really curious to your line of thinking here?
Really hope you can explain yourself intelegently.

Not just say more mean stuff

Maybe say Something useful for the community.

Weather your right or wrong about my farm is irrelevant.

You must of come up with some idea of how I’m “cheating”

I’m quite curious how u think Iv done it.

For the record my farm costs pennies a month… literally while I’m not plotting. 5 pennies a day.
With net space reading of 1.5 pb.
All By the book. On the block.

My farms in its entirety is more efficient than anyones ever. Get over it all ready. Please. Move on.
U just look like a sore looser.

You haven’t proven anything yet. Where’s the blocks? Where’s the XCH? Where’s the proof? You have none.

The Earth is round. It’s up to you to prove that it is not. It’s not my responsibility to prove that it is. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Prove your theory works or kindly stfu.

This is the way.

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If you aren’t getting block rewards out if your “method” then you aren’t accomplishing anything. Prove it works.

I probably could if I put my mind to it - at a guess it would involve having multiple harvesters looking at the same plots, since AFAIK harvesters only report plots passing filters and proofs to the farmer rather than the actual plot ids themselves, but the same plot can’t win twice, even though multiple farmers can win the same block, so I wouldn’t waste much time with it.

If you could find additional alternative plot ids for all of your plots (i.e. there may be additional ‘valid’ ids for any plot) you might be able make plots that passed more filters, but you’d need to generate a lot of plot ids to find collisions, you might as well try to brute-force wallets if you’re going to go that route.

However, none of this will make chia greener - if it worked, the moment it became public everyone would do it, and then everyone would have just as much storage as they had before and exactly the same time to win as they did before. It would only be useful for a minority of farmers, and it would only stay useful if it was secret.

So, I don’t believe you’ve found an exploit - not because I think it’s impossible that there is an exploit, but that if there was you would want to keep it secret as long as possible, and dropping hints that it even exists wouldn’t be smart.

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Haha I got u guys so good. Troll out.