Advice needed to finish a T7810 build

Hi Everyone! This is what I have gathered so far for a plotting only machine:

  • T7810 barebone
  • 128GB DDR4
  • 2x E5-2680 v4

I also have a Dell 4x m.2 PCIe x16 adapter card scheduled to arrive July 14.

With the recent release of the mad-max plotter I am getting overwhelmed with the different routes options to build a fast plotter … what do you think about purchases: more ram? small multiple nvme etc.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!


I would recommend getting 256gb ram for ram disk, and a nvme of 1tb for final dir. With 28 threads on your setup, you should be able to get plotting time under 25mins.

You need to copy finished plots as quickly as possible from ram disk to intermediate staging nvme.

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Thank you I was also thinking about buying smaller 256 or 512 gb instead of 1 tb nvme since I will be able to raid 0 them with the dell quad speed drive that I have incoming…

256GB drives don’t have enough flash on them to be fast or high TBD. 500+ is close to max performance and 1tb+ usually max out performance (plus bigger drives have better endurance.

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Agreed that’s why I’m leaning towards more ram so I can set my temp2 drive as a RAM disk in mad max. I’m worried 128gb does not leave enough overhead for the system if the ram drive is 110gib … perhaps an optane ssd can work depending on price vs getting more ram …