Advise needed Hitachi DF-F850-DBL 12x LFF Drive Box

I’m looking into buying one of these with a bunch of included hdd’s for farming but I’m having a hard time figuring out what type of HBA would work. I’m a little afraid that these things only work with proprietary stuff from Hitachi or something like that.

Anyone here who knows more about these boxes? Specifically an (economic) HBA to use :slight_smile:

It LOOKS like the input is a SFF-8088 - you can use the H200/H310 - they have 2 INTERNAL SFF-8087 connectors so the cable has to be routed out of a back slot - or an HBA (not sure which) with external SFF-8088 to keep it neater - I use an SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 cable to connect my HBA (internally SFF-8087) to my HBA expander through its external SFF-8088 connector - the Hitachi looks like it would be similarly (but i can’t guarantee)

Thanks for the advices @ianj

I’ve done some digging in the manuals and this unit comes with 2 x 3285196-A HDS HUS I/O MODULE
And from what I gather, these have Fiber Channel 8Gbs connectors, so that would be QSFP, right?

So then I could use either a 8087/8088 to QSFP, or just get a HBA with a QSFP connector.

The main reason im interested is not because of the cage, but because it comes with a good deal on 24TB of drives included. I might pass up on it because I just don’t veel very confident about getting this running. But, cheap storage space is very attractive :slight_smile:
Also the HBA can’t cost too much, as that would defeat the value proposition.

Also from the specs, it says it only takes drive up to 3TB

I did take a look and i must agree that i am not sure - so you do need firmer evidence than i can offer - i just picked it up from a spec sheet in German on another ad

I have probably seen that box you mentioned - its similar to the price of the 10x disks without enclosure (but the supplier of those no longer has stocks) so its currently the best deal around i know of - if i was looking for i would buy it

I don’t have experience with fibre channel so i can’t say

Lots of stuff here - sorry i can’t accelerate your investigation

Thanks for your advise so far.

Yes, I think I actually found these from a post/link you shared so should be the same supplier.
I might just do it for the fun of figuring out how to get it working.

From the photo’s I do think you are right, those ports on the back should be sff-8088

I have bought from them before - a reliable seller - you get what it says on the can - you can always “shuck” the enclosure (lol) and run them outside if you are desperate - thats how i do them - i just don’t like enclosures generally because they can be noisy and USUALLY costs more