AedgeCoin is a chiafork with a focus on algotrading



AedgeCoin is a chiafork on a mission to build a decentralized financial infrastructure to create a haven for storing value and making algotrading accessible for everyone.

We forked Chia because we believe that the future does not come from one (or a few) blockchains, but many and PoST presents the best version of that future with the lowest energy consumed per economic output/on-chain activity. Being able to parallel farm and secure multiple blockchains is a force multiplier for crypto and provides a different type of collaboration instead of zero-sum competition.

It is also important for us to run our own blockchain, since we’ve seen the gas issues and the impact it has had on token-based projects in Ethereum. While it may be different for Chia, our current position is to de-risk against that possibility and also layer the potential for new possibilities with running our own chain which we’ve outlined below.

What we are doing differently

  1. AedgeDesk

We are building the world’s first equity curve trading bot creator, which uses 12 proprietary trading systems that we developed over 4 years that you can use to modify and make into your own. Our experiences in trading platforms have led us to believe that the current or previous trading bot solutions don’t work because algotrading has a steep learning curve and these solutions either eventually fizzle out (like Quantopian, ProQuant), or they hide risk, advertise outlandish returns and promote irresponsible gambling habits to burn through customers for a profit. In our case, we wanted to build the ground floor on sturdy foundation for our users to start at the penthouse!

  1. Farming, staking and pricelords

We will have a different type of emissions schedule which includes staking and pricelords. Pricelords will be our way of decentrally integration financial market information into our blockchain, such that participants will also earn rewards for providing the data. Compared to the standard price oracle solutions like Chainlink, pricelords will way more decentralized and secure. (Currently in technical study)

  1. AedgeSwap

We will also build a decentralized “value” exchange that will mint or burn AEC depending on the value of the aeCoin (e.g. aeBTC, aeUSD) you are trading, backed with AEC as collateral against the market price of AEC. (Currently in technical study)

Where to find more information

Recent news: We will be listing AEC/XCH and AEC/USDT pairs on 11.11, 11:00UTC at exchange!

And a little further down the road…
We are working to release a prototype demo of AedgeDesk over course of the next few weeks. A very raw screenshot is presented in another post (due to new user restrictions) and a short video is available on twitter.


AedgeDesk early prototype video:

Aedgedesk early prototype screenshot 1 showing trading system selection:

AedgeDesk early prototype screenshot 2 showing modify equity curve section:

I looked at your posts, your website, your two githubs and your reddit.

Is there a development team for AedgeCoin? You are the only AedgeCoin peep commenting on your reddit. There is no mention of a team on your website. Your githubs are filled with projects and confusing. It appears that you did the first commits for AedgeCoin 21 to 35 days ago. Your reddit posts show your code is so raw you were displaying the Chia Icon instead of yours. There is no security review of any of your github.

From reading your posts and your webpage I cannot figure how you are trying to be a coin and an exchange. Are you making an attempt to combine harvesters? Two different githubs I found on you have me confused. GitHub - AedgeCoin/aedge-blockchain: AedgeCoin is the algorithmic cryptocurrency for store of value and algotrading and

Anyone who gets involved with whatever this brand new project is, is a Guinea Pig and has no security.

I would flee in terror. :grimacing:

I’m not sure what reddit posts you are referring to that suggests this. We have not posted anything relating to our project on reddit. That said the first two weeks of our mainnet launch did have Chia’s icon instead of ours on the GUI wallet, we’ve since updated it to our own. Still different from what you are saying, can you point them out?

I think you are confused with some things. Your second link is a simple search that lead to another project that happens to support our coin in that project, separate from ours.

I agree, no one should dip their toes in things they don’t understand!

I’m not sure if anyone can change the title header, but I appreciate if it was kept the way I intended, since it was not “a call for alpha testers” (at this time anyway) as you put it.

AedgeQuant 10/25/2021

Try this: If you are on windows and your icons are still showing Chia, run the following command ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache. For Windows 10 and above, ie4uinit.exe -show

Yes, I still am.

Especially when the only source of information on your multiple projects does not give any answers to the questions asked in order to give them better understanding.

What security do I have that your client is not stealing my keys or doing something else nefarious?

Are you a coin, an exchange, or both?

Are you attempting to combine harvesters?

Do you have a development team? Are you rymdluo?

Do you have any corporate backing or corporate information? Do you have a physical location?

From your Aedge Whitepaper published days ago.

v0.1.3 2021-11-04

What does this mean, “AedgeSwap is a decentralized exchange that doesn’t have any pairs like BTC/USDT because we want to allow users to be able to change positions from any currency to another. This is done by synthetic coins representing the market price of the currency, but collateralized by AedgeCoin (AEC)”?

Do you have a business Whitepaper? Is it more comprehensible?

You have not even started testnet? What other designation do you suggest for your Guinea Pigs? I think alpha testers was too polite.

Lastly, what is $AEC. EmaratCoin AEC is a cryptocurrency. What is $AEC?

I see now that what you are referring to is discord and not reddit. As stated earlier, they have since been updated to reflect Aedge logos, which is also stated in the same history you are extracting from. If you’ve scrolled down the chat history of discord, there would be a screenshot that shows such.

It’s not typical for forks of a project to undergo a security audit. Not for monero forks, and not for chia forks that I’ve encountered over the years. At the current iteration AedgeCoin has the minimal changes applied to effect a fork of Chia and easily reviewable by comparing against the Chia codebase for changes. I gather from your other response to another fork this may be unsatisfactory. AedgeCoin is on chiafork aggregators like and the unofficial list of chia forks by solarhash and had no complaints save for one about a false positive from Windows defender (a common false positive). If you are further feeling unsafe, you do not have to download the binaries, and you can compile them yourself after having reviewed the codebase or tracked the changes. If you are still uncertain, you do not have to do anything you do not want to.

Both and more.

No, you made an search and assumed everything within that belongs to the project.

Yes, the screenshot and video are examples of our current development. The latter information is available on the website.

It is an evolving whitepaper and will continue to be developed.

As the website has stated, AedgeCoin released to mainnet on 2021-10-17. It has been running smoothly and we recently updated to the latest Chia version 1.2.11.

Maybe you are trolling, as you are still doing with the thread title. But for the benefit of the doubt, as a new user on new lands, AEC is also a cryptocurrency for AedgeCoin.

This entire thread is an Advertisement for an unregistered s**tcoin doubling as an unregulated exchange.

Advertising is prohibited on the ChiaForum.

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@Aspy68, I spoke with @dchuk and got the moderation lifted. I would appreciate if you put an end to this. Thanks.

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I am just a Regular user. dchuk’s decision is fine by me not that he cares! :crazy_face:

I will exit this thread and avoid becoming a Troll but hope that you have some answers to the many questions I asked.

Thread muted.


Welcome to the forum! I’m farming your fork and all seems well so far. Your responses to our self-appointed guarddog showed professionalism and convinced me to give your fork a try. Just wanted to let you know that this forum also has welcoming members that won’t censor or edit your posts :rofl:

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All good! Just glad to have past the guardhouse and in the lobby! :sweat_smile:


Hey if I want to farm this can I use my current NFT plots that are being farmed on a pool? Or would
I need new plots?

You do not require new plots to farm Aedge as your existing Chia plots are compatible. If you use NFT plots, when you find a block you will receive 0.25 AEC first, and you can recover the remaining 1.75 AEC via the NFT recovery tool at AedgeCoin AEC | ALL THE BLOCKS - Chia & forks | blockchain explorer after 7 days. This is standard for chiaforks at the moment.

On the side, I am aware that many fork farmers use the following tool to manage multiple chiaforks (including Chia) GitHub - Qwinn1/forktools: Several command line tools to greatly simplify CLI maintenance of one or many forks of Chia crypto coins they have an active Discord server to ask for help.


We thought this was worth a mention… (not an endorsement)

We’ll continue working hard to grow in the right way. :slight_smile:

No one would call you a troll, that would defame trolls.

:drum: (Rimshot)

I have synced and everything seems to work fine apart from the plots, they are there in the directory but aedge doesn’t see/accept them.

If you are using HPOOL or other pooling software, try shutting them and Aedge down first before starting Aedge again. It’s possible that the pooling software is locking the plots (from being read).

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Dear all, the early prototype of AedgeDesk will be released very soon. Please stay tuned for the upcoming announcement.

On the side, since the last update we have started trading on, and we are officially 1 month old as of 17 November!


Still going well here! Been running since I installed it, seems pretty solid so far. Look forward to more updates!

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