After 1.2, system transfer my 0.000000000001 out

hi, I transfered to 1.2 and start my own NFL,
then I notice my 0.000000000001 been transfered to another place.

can anyone or official can explane this.?
not get XCH but my XCH been transfered out.

Isn’t it to create the nft?

Some pools were offering to pay it for ppl when using their software before official release.

So I feel pretty confident that’s what it was for.

Yeah it’s the fee for the NFT. It’s the reason you got the 0.000000000001 in the first place :roll_eyes:

it show sapphire smelt and status is self pool.
self pool still need fee? to whom?

to create an NFT you need one Mojo.

Without NFT you cannot make portable plots. Any smartcontract transaction (like an NFT) needs some amount to be spent on the blockchain to work. Why? because that’s how blockchains work

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