After 6 months slowly plotting I finally got my first two chia ;-)

Hello To all,

Not sure if this is to motivate people or not, like many other here I was asking my self if my system was not having issue.
I started plotting OG end of may very slowly to reach now 2300 OG plots and I got my first two chia this morning :wink: .

For sure in the begining I did not have as much plots I have now but OMG it was not easy.

Letโ€™s hope I get the next block a bit faster :slight_smile:

Good luck to all :slight_smile:


Congrats ! Same timeline for me โ€ฆ now I have ~1000 plots solo farming and ~200 in pools.
14 Chia, so 7 times lucky so far.
Letโ€™s hope now that Chia make big news again and the price goes up !


Congrats also, I started in May too, and just got 2 last week after hitting the 1685 plot count for me.


Congrats everyone! First 0.25 chia last week with 1000 plots :smiley: and 6 month of slowly slowly plotting with a gamer notebook :smiley:


Unless you had a lot of storage sitting around, I am wondering how you invested so much money in hard drives while not sparing around 700 USD for a fast plotter (50 per day).

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What kind of hardware can you buy for $700 USD to plot faster (50 per day)?

I use an Intel I7 11600F 32gb ram and WD NVME 1Tb disk with Madmax for plotting.
20 plots per Day and itโ€™s ok for me no need for more this is already 60Tb per month just good for my budget and investment plans.

Itโ€™s just gambling for me but when I gamble I never play more than what I can afford to lose.:wink:

Also this is for me a long term investment.

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Ryzen 3900x, Corsair LPX black 3600 RAM (2x16) and one 1 Tb 980 pro for both tmp1 and tm2. Any B550M motherboard with a PCIe 4.0 nvme slot would do. This setup should easily reach 45 plots per day as far as I remember.

Are you running your hardware with Linux or using Windows? and are you Madmax or something else?

Windows 10 and I plot on a different computer with Madmax.

Ubuntu 20.04 and madmax plotter