After July Earning Are GOing to Drop To 1$ for 10tb

i just want to know the graphics shows that after july for 10tb earnings is going to be less then 1$ per day are the graphics right whats going to happen does anyone know ?

Nobody knows. Next month the Chia price could drop and half the farmers drop off the net. Next week hard drive supply could get so bad or so expensive that the net stops growing. There are so many variables that there is no way to know. Just make your own plan and stick with it.


your right but this is what iam saying is on CHİAs website the graphic show on july its going to drop to 1$ could this be wrong ?

and this calculation daily 7% growth of chia market.

It could be right. It could also be way over or under estimated. That is two months away. I bet not many people would have guessed where the net size would be today two months ago. If you are looking for a solid answer, you won’t find one. At least not an honest one. Because nobody knows. All you can do is estimate. The number you are seeing is an estimate.

your right its just estimate i just ordered my hardisks new pc and i seen this i was shocked.

coz just starting this hdd minning new and spent alot of money iam worries thats about it.

7% per day growth is kinda crazy after a while. Even though the growth is going very fast.
Today +7% is 350 PiB per day.
In July that would be 9.000 PiB per day to maintain the same percentage. Possible… but well, kinda crazy
We just don’t know but that kind of growth is hard to imagine

i dont know too,do you reakon its too late to start minning ?