Again cannot claim reward from selfpooling

is there dust storm or something going on?

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See here

I see. thank you. why this is happening?

Being as it spiked suddenly and hasnt dropped id guess a dust storm.

I dont think natural usage would spike thst fast.

yeah but what is it really? some bot net attack?

Doesnt need a bot net, just a script to spam many small mojo transactions.
Very cheap being as 1 xch is inly 30 $ and will allow many transactions.

Most wont even see it through the gui as dust storm transactions are now filtered out as a default.

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why blockchain doesnt have simple protection like limiting transactions request from one IP per period?

Im not aware of any blockchains that do that.
The fee is supposed to stop it.
Even the btc blockchain suffered such attacks for a long time.

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well, ok not blockchain itself but it’s client MUST provide such a simple and obvious functionality. this is just a basic of the web.

if you sent few mojos in 15 secs several time you are banned for 24 hours. period. so simple.

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Then how would that chain / client be any use for business purposes.

Chia is looking to get big businesses on board, that would make the platform useless to them.

Things like minting many nft’s would also be ridiculously slow.

Small mojo transactions are used for smart contract interactions.

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well first thing that comes in mind is a special business client.

anyway this vulnerebility seems childish.

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You pay, you play, seems fair to me.

Even if restrictions were put in, you could just hack the client to remove the restriction.

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I feel the same way, same with emails, texts and robocalls. One bad actor can send out 10 million transactions to annoy, DOS attack, or fish for suckers for little to no money. Every time I suggest we should raise the price of 3rd class postage, charge per text or email (even a penny the average person wouldn’t feel, but it’d cost 10 million pennies for Captain Bozo to send out his spam and would at least help cut down on this nonsense), anything… always shut down in the name of ‘it’s too hard to do’ by communications companies. I’m sure you will get the same answer, that it’s too hard to turn off Mr. Bad Chia’s wallet or do anything about it.

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