Alert for dropped connection

Is there any way to get an alert of some sort, preferably email, if my farmer drops offline? Just checking my Spacepool app on my phone showed all my plots had dropped offline for some reason. Instantly fixed it with a simple farmer restart but it could have been like that for a fair while as i dont constantly check it.

You can run chiadog and link it to

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Farmr can also do this.

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I was using farmr already so i’ve just added the app to my phone and i can see the ‘Offline Notifications’ is turned on in the settings. Im going to assume i get an alert if i go offline, i may even test it.

Many thanks gents

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Gil said they were re enabled the other day after some issues.

There’s a few ways you can get the messages.
All the info is on github

Being as you’d prefer emails, just set it up with a Gmail account, then you get email notifications.