Almost constant stales

Been farming for a while now, and never had this problem. Shut off my computer earlier to insert another stick of ram. Turned it back on, and after a few hours realized it was spitting out about 90% stales. Restarted my computer again, and it is continually doing it again for the past 2 hours or so. Never have I had this issue. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Checked the logs. Right up until the point I did this, the logs looked correct like they always do. All of a sudden it goes into a long continuous blob of coding for hours and hours.

EDIT: Just updated Chia client (I was only 1 version behind) and it is still doing the same thing.

Sounds like bad ram, id pull it and try again.

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Run mem86 on your machine.
MemTest86 - Download now!

Thank you, will try that now. I don’t know how a bad stick of RAM would cause this, but I don’t know where else to go from here, so I’ll give it a try.

Don’t forget to clean all the memory Dims pins.

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I pulled the stick of RAM that I put in yesterday… still having the same problem.

Something else I just noticed, is when I used to turn on my computer, it took a minute to boot up because all the drives are plugged in via USB. Now, it appears that the USB drives aren’t popping up until after windows has loaded. I am updating all my drivers, and see if that does anything.

EDIT: Updated my drivers, still no good. I’m at my wits end.

When I reboot and have many USB drives connected it takes longer for me to full boot also.


Okay, so it turns out that it is not my USB. I went through the logs and seen the valid ones, and the stale ones. All of them are being found in under 2 seconds, but in the logs, the stale ones are found and then when it tries to submit them, it says "Cannot connect to host ###.##.###.##. So I’m guessing there is an issue with space pool?

Very interesting situation. After all that, I changed pools to Flexpool, and everything is working fine. It was Space Pool afterall.

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Were you using Space Pool for a while, and the problem showed up?
Or did you just begin using Space Pool, and the problem showed up?

If the problem was with Space Pool, then others should be in the same boat as you were.

I have been on SpacePool for awhile. Never had this problem before. Just switched to Flexpool, and getting no stales… i don’t know how to explain it. I agree, if it was them, I would think others would have the problem… But when I change from them, its fine.