Alright guys, see you in 24?

How accurate are these estimates anyway? lol

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Do you have like 1 plot??

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Single K35 plot yes lol.

Just laughed at the estimate. Having a blast playing around with this stuff so far


Could take 4 x longer, that’s a long wait.

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I wondered if a single k32 plot’s estimate would differ from a single k33 (or k34, etc) size plot, in terms of how long Chia would estimate your time to win.

@ChiaBeast would you mind testing this?
Would you mind putting only one k32 plot in your farm, checking Chia’s timetable, and reporting back on how that differs with your single k35 plot?

By the way, how long did it take for you to create a k35 plot? Using which plotter?

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Each k you drop, so e g. 35 to 34 should dbl the expected time roughly.

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K35 is all that I’ve done so far @seymour.krelborn, but I will keep playing around with different plot sizes as I intend to fill my drives as much as possible.

As far as time goes, my first run was right around 41.5 hours and looking to get that down even further. I am detailing it all in this thread:

Here go you. Just for kicks, I keep 1 k32 plot running after I blew up my 114TiB of plots.