Alternative temporary directory solutions

Hello, I was just thinking, instead of burning consumer ssds or spending a lot for the enterprise or datacentre ones why not try this:

  • connecting multiple smaller Hdd’s (let’s say 1TB) into RAID 0 to increase the overall read and write speeds
  • obtaining Intel Optane SSD which will work as a cache for those drives (lets say I can borrow it for couple of weeks, not buying for now…)
  • start plotting :smiley:

the questions are

  • is the RAID 0 limited by the sata III speed, meaning it can do max 600Mb/s ?
    (I see some people saying 380mb/s is max but some who report 600mbs so idk…)
  • what is the required speed for processing 1 plot? so I can calculate how many can possibly run in parallel there
  • hopefully, the IntelOptane could provide a speed up for number of plots based on its total capacity so lets say 1.5TB optane could speed up 6 plots in parallel? (EDIT: lol it must be more… if not you can directly use just the Optane ssd and don’t need to care about the hdds :sweat_smile:)
  • bonus question - I had a discussion about similliar thing with a guy in Fb chia group and he came up with idea how to use his 48x 2.5 leftover hdds, can it be possible? (check the photo)
    Komentár 2021-04-29 214608

thanks for any suggestions
the only non-eco thing about chia is burning the ssds though :confused: