Alternative to port 8444..need help...VPN?

i hope you guys can help a farmer from brazil… :wink:

theres is no way to open 8444…i dont have a dedicated IP…already contacted my server and they cant help me…

so, as is described in the wiki…ill try a solution with VPN…but i have no ideia how to do it…

can someone please give me some light!

they already have an example using linux i think…but im using windows…

is that a solution…? will it work…?

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Welcome to the forums!

If you cannot open 8444 then yes a VPN will solve that. There are many vpn providers that have a windows client. Just make sure that they support port forwarding as well.


surfshark does not allow port forwarding


Tried purevpn…but didn’t work…

What worked for me was to hire a dedicated IP…that worked…

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tanks for your reply @JonBoyCrypto

tanks for your reply @Blueoxx

A VPN provider may use NAT, so that many customers share the same public IP address, much in the same way as a home router does NAT for users on its network.

You’d need a VPN provider that either:

  • Allows you to have your own IP, then allows you to control inbound traffic on different ports (they might firewall inbound traffic by default for security).

  • Performs NAT, but allows you to open a port on the external IP and forward the traffic to your internal IP. A port can only be in use by one user at a time, so if someone else on the provider is using port 8444 then you will not be able to use it.

You could also rent a VPS with a dedicated IP, and:

  • setup your own VPN (OpenVPN or WireGuard for example) and port-forward using iptables (on linux), like iptables -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 8444 -j DNAT --to-destination ${INTERNAL_IP}:8444
  • or use ssh remote port forwarding (ssh user@vps -R 8444:

Even if you appear to have an external IPv4 address, your ISP may be using DS-lite (RFC 6333 - Dual-Stack Lite Broadband Deployments Following IPv4 Exhaustion) which effectively gives you IPv4 networking using IPv6, with a NAT’ed IPv4 address (so IPv4 port forwarding doesn’t work).


On yesterday’s call Gene Hoffman did confirm there would be a better way of connecting the nodes in the near-ish future:

Starts here in the video:

And the transcript here:

28:54 for those who are wondering uh we
28:56 currently use an inferior
28:58 way to get you new nodes that we’re
29:00 planning to replace
29:01 uh florin is actually working on that uh
29:03 as we speak and we’re running it beta
29:04 in-house
29:05 we’re basically going to implement the
29:06 same method that bitcoin uses to get you
29:08 an initial set of nodes but
29:10 for right now we have to scale it up to
29:12 be able to try to get you guys a chance
29:13 to
29:13 start syncing the internet continues to
29:16 be plagued by the switch to ipv6 not
29:19 actually happening

So for now it’s a bit painful to try and get your node to sync, but there’s introducers that should help, yesterday was peak activity on the network due to the launch of transactions but it seems to have settled down, so not a huge need for opening up 8444 at the moment if you can’t.