Am I doing it right?

I install on PC on Linux GUI of chia an it shows, that I am Synced
I also connected NAS with 80TB and I don’t know if those computers see each other
Are there also synced? How to check it?
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Hey bud? What kind of a NAS do you have? Does it support docker, or at least some sort of a linux cli?

it has linux cli, it is terramaster NAS
I saw, that linux is running and nothing happens
Internet I had connected to LAN, now to 10GB socket
How to add farm to chia gui?

Add mount point to config.yaml file.

Thanks for advice
I try to do this
I wrote on my PC with Ubuntu config.yaml where I put my NAS IP Adress as harvester but chia plots check shows that it doesn’t see any proper plots (0 valid plots)

Do I do it propperly? I mean my NAS server with 80TB is my harvester?

The problem is that I didn’t use any commands on CA folder, because I don’t have access to my NAS (I don’t have root password) - should I download CA folder by plugin disk from NAS to SATA cable on USB and download CA folder and then try to generate keys?

NAS is connected now by LAN to router and it shows such IP on monitor

My Ubntu is also connected to internet by router (maybe I have to check IP different way)

Ping form Ubuntu to that IP also not work (I don’t know why)
NMAP works OK, Host is UP. I also don’t know how to copy CA folder from NAS - I don’t have password for this machine but it used o work with the configuration (I imported seed keys)

I think that now I should somehow mount folders from NAS to my computer with Ubuntu (which folder should I mount? How to check it?)

I send greetings
many thanks for help