Am I Farming at the Select Key Screen?

Hey all. Does anyone know if I need to click in to a key to start farming or will it be farming if I never select a key? I’m wondering if I set chia to load on startup, if all will be good.

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Not sure… probably. Check your logs! Might need to set them to the INFO level first.

I’m not sure what the point would be though, why would you not want to see the rest of the app?

OP wants to make sure their system automatically starts farming on (re)boot.

On that matter - is it even gonna start before you log in?

Do you mean at reboot? Can you clarify on what you’re asking a bit here?

Because no, with the GUI, until you select a wallet / key on that screen, you aren’t farming in my experience…

Yeah, after a reboot. I’m just looking for something in the interim so I don’t feel the need to have a dedicated eye on it. I’m going to write some code later as I want to publish messages from the full node regarding chia logs and system metrics. Eventually deploy apps to send notifications and visualize the data.

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Yeah as far as coming back after a reboot, i think you’d need to have CLI farming set up somehow? Because in the GUI there is always that key selection step. I wonder if there’s a way to launch the GUI in startup with a parameter that says “hey always use this key?”

That’s a good question. Let me ask on the keybase support chat about that.

The ultimate goal is to get away from the GUI (both Chia and Ubuntu) and have everything running at boot under systemd. With a message bus I can detect and notify which is hugely important. I fear as I grow my drives, up to 57 currently, I’ll run into the same latency issues as @codinghorror where proofs are found but no rewards are given. I’d like to detect these in the logs compared to what wallet shows and notify if different.

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