Am I Wasting My Time As a Small Rig

I have 45 plots and a very low output rig (about 5 plots per 24 hours). Am I wasting my time?

Should I join a pool when they are more compatible?

What advice do you have?

Thanks - Michael

I feel you, the chance to win is decreasing considerably. YES you should focus on pools , without it there will be a very small chance of being successful winning XCH.

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With netspace growth being what it is, your time to win actually goes down as you keep plotting and keep adding plots at the speed of 5 plots per day. I’m currently adding 20-30 plots a day and my ttw stays the same. It doesn’t even decrease. :open_mouth:

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On average in the long run you will earn more as a solo farmer than as a pool as you do not have to pay pool fees.

That said, it might take a long while to see any return at all, so in the short term pools might be more attractive.

If for whatever reason you would not stay for the “long term”, and stop early, you will have gained ‘something’ whereas solo it would have been a gamble.

If you want to go for pools, wait for the official pool protocal to be released, don’t be tempted by today’s pools where you basically trow them your keys and just hope they will not steal your effort.

Do your due diligence. Especially look at pool fees and how likely you are ever to meet minimal redrawal requirements in the time you feel comfortable waiting. Unless you actually get the XHC in your own wallet, you have nothing but a number on their server.

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Most people are in this crazy horse race about plots/day. In the long run, plots are supposed to be good for 5-7 years (!!), I doubt how fast you plot matters as much as just consistent plotting. Sure you miss out at the beginning on the lottery, but 365 day/yr x5 plots/day = 1825 plots or ~20TBs of plots. Over time you can increase daily output to suit your desires for more plots, if you wish.

People buy lottery tickets every day, only a few win, but it only takes one winning ticket. Join a pool, or stay by yourself, whatever. Just have fun doing what your doing!

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