Amazon Prime Day

Did anyone snag any more HDD’s on Prime Day (which was actually 2 days - 13 & 14 July…).

I was tempted, kicking myself now as the prices have all gone back up.

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What drives at what cost?

WD MyBook USB3 externals at £202 for 16TB and £222 for 18TB. Those were the best deals I saw.

Typically can’t get a 16TB for less than £250 in the UK.

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I’m in the USA, the last 18tb disk I had come was around $243.00

Could use a couple more.

I would only buy 20TB or 22TB these days.

Yep, got 5 x 18TB WD Elements coming tomorrow. Just replacing smaller drives, but will mean an extra 22TB for Chia plots.

My brother ordered 4 I think, to replace smaller drivers as well.

Given the weather forecast here in the UK, its not going to be ideal for moving large amounts of data, or plotting another 22TB of plots - its forecast to potentially hit 40c on Tuesday in some parts.

Haven’t seen 18TB that low since early on last year, so just had to snag some, and five was the maximum I could order luckily.

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Nice one. Kicking myself even more now.

I’m hoping I can shift the outgoing disks for around the same price per TB, that would be the icing on the cake.

Why didn’t anyone post the sale while it was available?

I haven’t seen much in the way of 22TB drives here in the UK yet but the cost per TB for 20TB is somewhat higher than 16/18TB still.

Cost per TB goes down until 16/18TB level here, but goes back up again for 20/22TB, sometimes quite significantly.

No idea. I never gave it a thought until afterwards.

Anyone who is an Amazon Prime subscriber probably should have known about Prime Day already, and anyone who isn’t can’t take advantage of the deals anyway as far as I know.

I posted on a different forum, but didn’t think to post here. I was aware as I have various monitors set up, and got a barrage of notifications first thing Tuesday morning - I was actually on holiday then and had crap internet.

Once you need to buy new HBAs and SATA / SAS cables, you realize that price per TB is not all. :wink:

I’m replacing smaller drives with bigger drives, so I don’t need to buy new HBA’s and SATA / SAS cables, I’ll be selling five USB drives, so the price I get per TB is all that matters, the more the better :wink:

If I did want to expand the number of drives I have (which I don’t) my HBA and SAS expander has plenty of spare ports. Yes I would need SAS cables, but I’d also need a suitable case etc.

Simply FUD. Go ahead an keep preaching incorrect information. You say “new”. Who buys a “new” HBA for this purpose? You create this disinformation campaign, perhaps based on your own deficiencies to spread FUD. Any HBA purchased for farming has a secondary used market, called the home server market would will gladly buy an IT Mode HBA for a good price. Cables are required and if you cannot find cheap “new” cables from China via eBay then I guess your FUD is truth to those less capable. To create an ongoing campaign built on falsehoods is a disservice to the Chia community. Again, for those inept who cannot source cheap hardware, sure. Pay more for hardware for farming Chia while Chia is at its lowest value since inception. To anyone just getting into Chia farming (an audience of 10) I would suggest you do you own homework on pricing. What you will find is that with little effort you can farm Chia on a budget which will get you a quicker ROI which you can then start investing into other, bigger, better, more ideal hardware.

I’m not sure even the most budget conscious could reinvest the proceeds into other, bigger, better, more ideal hardware.

I have 286TiB of plots, a huge investment to get there, and it generates around $34 a week. Take out electric costs and it would take a long time to save up for say a 16 or 18TB drive, now do that with a much smaller beginners farm.

That approach would have worked better from the start, as XCH value was high, but not now.

are you serious guys?
according to my calculate new hard drive roi around 1666 days without electic cost and you still buy hard drive ? thats unlogic for me.
why not gpu or asic?

Well by that very logic you lose all credibility. Not to say that you can lose something that you don’t possess. GPU? Now? Now that’s funny. I don’t care how other people invest their money, but when you say “new hard drive” I laugh.

i am just asking question.

You didn’t realize Chia isn’t GPU or ASIC based? Hard drives or bust. Might be bust anyways…