Amazon s3 for chia (windows)

Hi All.
can help me for start mining chia in amazon s3.

We Farm chia. What are you really looking to do? If your creating plots and then store them up in the cloud your access time will be too slow, I believe and you may never win a block.


My HDD :

The response time to get to those mapped drives may be too long for the farmer. And you may lose your chance. Have you used yet? farmr

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yea farming Chia in the cloud is not really a good plan.

The access time is too slow. You can try but I think most people who tried so far couldn’t get it to work local hard drives have much faster latency

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me set tmp chia local hard next upload aws.
but need help for faster make plot.

Get a server at

  1. Yes it’s possible (go find some of my old posts)
  2. It’s is NOT profitable right now, by a long shot.
  3. Data transfer costs will kill you on s3, wasabi is a better choice

So yes, I have personally won blocks with plots in cloud block storage (Wasabi + goofys) No, you absolutely should not try to do it today.

Can you make a tutorial video?

What is it, you are wanting to do?

I stand corrected, guess it is possible :slight_smile:

So is digging a fence post hole with a coffee spoon…


No. Really don’t do it. Unless you’re expecting to revisit $1,000 USD / XCH. Cloud farming was only profitable in the first couple months of the project.

Here’s a walk down memory lane: Plotting and farming in the cloud - #82 by Uhura

farming in cloud is ok, i do this, i have win many block, and have low cost than hdd。

No you don’t.
No you don’t.
No you don’t.

:joy: :joy: I need another beer…

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