AMD or Intel for Plotter

I have read very useful topics about plotting rig. But too much complex information.

So simply for the same price range CPU under 1000$ , which one AMD or intel working better?

AMD is better at MSRP. But right now Scalping has raised prices considerably.


Get the one with fastest clock speed. Doesn’t matter Intel vs AMD in my experience.


I tend to agree with both of the above fine gentlemen :point_up_2:

Cores, cores, cores, and as fast as possible on those cores. Divide by price and that’s the winner.


AMD, he is more sensitive to the use of ramdisk

Get a cheap 2*Xeon v3 System with as much Cores as you can get. 2 mlc nvme and your Good for 30+ Plots per day. And it will Not cost you More than 700-900€