AMD Ryzen 9 12/24 - help me optimize my plot speed

Hi, I have got Ryzen 9 12/24 , 2 x M.2 1TB Samsung 980 PRO, 32 GB RAM - You will help me optimize my plot speed?

Make sure to read about it:

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you can run max 8 plots at same time.

I think best is 8 plots, 4 threads, 3600MB ram
Max 4 in phase one at same time

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8 plots - it is enouch RAM?

I would say so.
Remember that the ram usage is transient. It does not use all of the specified memory all the time.
on a 5800X with 6750MB per plot I am running 10 parallell plots. max 4 in phase 1.
My ram usage is at 23.3 GiB - 38% of my 64Gig total.

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