Amount ram for mad max

Hello There is a minum quantity of ram for using mad max plotter?
I wanted just to make some test but this point is still not clear for me.
Reading something it says to use ramdisk but I dont understand how minimum is necessary to do that.

Thank you

1Gb per thread at 256 buckets
0.5 Gb per thread at 512 buckets.

you will want some for the OS (2Gb / 4Gb for Ubuntu)

You can calculate the minimum from there.

If you have a lot of RAM after the above, then you can use it as a RAM disk (110Gb needed for temp2)

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There are minimum 128 gb memory required to plot using ramdisk.

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Thank you for your help.
So it is not necessary to use ram disk but if you use it you can improve the time for plotting.
is it correct?
Just to know with no ram disk how much is faster than usual plotter ?

Indeed, ram disk is not needed.
check out this video… the second part goes into using different setups with and without ram disk

Are there any Speed-Compairs between different bucketcounts for madmax?
For my tiny plotter it SEEMS that there is not mutch difference between -r 4 -u 128 and -u 64…
Maybee using a high -u and additional cache could be a consideration?

Using ramdisk you also significantly extend SSD lifetime.

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I tracked the RAM usages when plotting with a 12c/24th Ryzen 5900x. It goes up to 17 Gb. My hope was that it would stop at 16 to save on RAM.

So, no hope in running it on a 5950X 32t with 128GB and 110GB ramdisk?

I am using 5950x, 128gb ram, ramdisk of 110gb and plotting with no issue.

I am using Imdisk to create ramdisk on win10. I used dynamic ramdisk so I see the memory allocation go up and down as needed.

Mind you I am also running other vms on this same box so there is some paging but it is a much better experience than I was parallel plotting on multiple nvme drives.

This should be a very good setup…

Dear all, I have got an Threadripper 2950X ,ALSO 16-Core*, 32-Thread By madmax in Windows 10 version, even with 128 G memory disk as temp 2 drive, I could only make the time from 50-55 minutes, which is quite depressing from what I saw here…
Any idea how to improve this Gen 2 which should be quite be powerful CPU back to those days~~~~

2950X 16-Core*, 32-Thread
Temp1 :2G NVME (Gen3 2000+MB/s read&write)
Temp2:118G ramdisk in windows (which tested with 7000+MB/s read&write, not as fast as I though, but still quite fast than Gen3 NVME)

time:3000 s +
Hope get some advise here ,thanks guys~~

try a high bucket count (512)… this reduces the memory needed per thread and you’ll be able to use all 32 threads with the ram disk (110GB + 32 thread *0.25 + 10GB for OS)

one thing to mention, Linux has the ram disk ‘built in’ while Windows you use a 3rd party tool and I’ve seen reports Windows underperforms by up to 50%

you can also try 256 buckets = 0.5GB per thread, but I don’t think that leaves enough RAM for the OS… you may be ok on a headless Ubuntu with 2GB

much appreciated for your advise, sure, I will try Linux this weekend, for this 2950X machine,I will try to use it as a learning platform for Studying Linux since actually I have almost complete my plotting.
Now I am more interested in this new technology and want to learn more new things.

On the ramdisk: what software is it? Can you change cluster/allocation when formatting?

I forgot the name of the windows ramdisk I use. It is command prompt and you type "ramdiskc /add: R /size:111G…etc ’

I theorized, small 4k allocaction will probably be a cpu overhead bottleneck. I tried 32k. But need more tests.

Just one test atm, for reference: 2107.66s w/32k allocation units ramdisk t2 and t1 was WD SN750 1TB. Cpu e5-2680 v3(12c/24thr)

Is it possible in this plotter to set the amount of RAM used when creating a raft?

I’m able to plot using madmax with a ramdisk on Windows 10 and 128gb of ram. I thought this would cause problems but so far everything is running smoothly. In madmax readme it says the ramdrive should be 110gib which is 118gb (maybe a typo) but it seems to work fine with an imdisk partition of 112gb. Am I missing something?