An another one PaaS

Hey, I would like to sell my potting powers which are about 150 plots per day. The price is $1.5 per plot, the minimum order is 50 plots, US region is a high priority. More instructions are here

If you buy 50 plots, the first 7 plots will be delivered after ~7 hours, then after another hour, another 7 plots will be uploaded. So 50 plots will be delivered in around 14 hours.

ATTENTION! :policeman: :leaves:

Be aware dear users that this service need you to create a wasabi account where your plots are going to be stored for you to download. This seems nice, but (without the trial account) wasabi is forcing you to keep your files for 90 days, therefore storing each plot will cost you +1,80$

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Plotting still available, the cheapest price you can find, uploading to any S3 cloud provider.

US region 4 days giveaway, 0.8$ per plot, can upload to any S3 provider, including your server via minio

7 servers with 1 Gbps

Service is closed, no more plots for sale.

What is the reason you decided to stop the service?